Fixing our broken health care system
All Californians are hurt by our broken health care system
Every insured Californian pays a “hidden tax” in the form of higher premiums to subsidize health care for those who can’t, or won’t get health insurance. Individuals pay $455 annually, families pay $1,186. It is estimated that insured individuals and employers offering coverage pay 17 percent higher premiums to offset the uninsured and the effects of Medi-Cal under-funding.
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Johnathan Hou, President/CEO, Axiom Corporation
"My name is Johnathan Hou. I am President of Axiom Corporation which is a small business. We perform engineering design, civil engineering, structural design services for roadway/highway facilities, you know, laboratory material testing facility. And we are a small business. Actually, we are a microbusiness. Our annual gross is less than two million. With the health care of so high premium, we cannot afford the health care for our employees. We have about seven people in part-time and full-time together..."
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[This website archives Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2007 Health Care proposal]

Governor Schwarzenegger's comprehensive proposal will reform our healthcare system by asking insurers, individuals, providers, government and business to share responsibility for Californians' health.

The Governor's plan:

1. Guarantees that every Californian can get insurance. Under the Governor's plan, insurers will be required to sell insurance to anyone who wants to buy it on the individual market. "Guarantee Issue" will give Californians who are currently denied coverage because of their medical history or age the ability to purchase insurance.

2. Provides coverage for all and requires that every Californian have insurance. Whether they get it through their employer, buy it on the individual market, or enroll in subsidized coverage, every Californian must carry a minimum level of insurance under the Governor's plan. This will reduce the hidden tax that insured individuals and families -- and employers who provide insurance -- now pay to cover the uninsured.

3. Increases Medi-Cal reimbursements to doctors and hospitals. The Governor's proposal significantly increases Medi-Cal reimbursements by the government to doctors and hospitals, reducing their need to shift costs onto insured individuals, families and employers.

4. Promotes balanced financing for health care. Health care reform should not come by requiring employers to pay the entire cost.

5. Rewards healthy choices and contains costs. The Governor's plan outlines a comprehensive prevention policy that encourages and rewards healthy behaviors; supports new efforts to fight chronic conditions including diabetes and obesity; reduces smoking; promotes more efficient service delivery and will help prevent medical errors.

Learn more about the Governor's proposal.

Karen Vicari
Rheumatoid arthritis, can't get private insurance - vicious cycle
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There is Widespread Support for Reform
81% of voters agree with the statement "it should be public policy that government guarantee that all Californians have access to affordable health care insurance or other health care coverage."
Source: Field Poll, "California Voter Views of the Health Care System (Part 1 of 2)," January 3, 2007.
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Most Responsible for Increasing Health Care Costs